Former NFL player Izell Reese talks Pro Bowl game changes

Former NFL player Izell Reese talks Pro Bowl game changes

The Pro Bowl is fast approaching and this year it will be a little different…

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WMAR spoke with former NFL defensive back and NFL FLAG executive director Izell Reese to discuss the move to a flag football format and how the game will be played. Reese played in the NFL for 7 years, he was drafted to the Cowboys in 1998. He also played for the Broncos and the Bills.

Reese joined Reigning Champs in 2010, securing partnerships with the Jr. NBA, NFL and NHL.

Reigning Champs launched RCX in 2019. Reese played a key role in RCX’s partnership with NFL FLAG. RCX has overseen NFL FLAG leagues and tournaments since January 2020.

RCX will take the lead for Sunday’s game and Reese says the change in format for the Pro Bowl game helps fans see more competitive play and also helps protect players.

“We want to see a competitive and fun game. So a lot of feedback from players, GMs, coaches want to keep players safe and bring that fun and competitiveness to the game,” Reese said.

The way the game will be played will be slightly different. NFL FLAG tradition is usually five on five but the game will be played 7 on 7. There will be no linemen involved, which means lots of passes and lots of points!

There will be three linebackers on the field at a time to play standard coverage. Reese says the game will be fast and electric!

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“If you love football, you’ll really enjoy watching this. We can’t wait to bring that competitive spirit back to the Pro Bowl games that we didn’t see last year, so it should be fun and exciting to watch. and to see this next Pro Bowl,” Reese said.

Reese also spoke about his current tenure with RCX Sports. He says the goal of RCX is to allow children to continue to play sports and have a unique professional experience.

“You choose your sport, NBA, NHL, street hockey, it’s about finding affordable and accessible ways to get kids playing in all communities, regardless of socio-economic status, whether you’re in a large town, an urban town or even a rural town. And so we just want kids of all ages to play and participate in sports,” Reese said.

As a former professional athlete, Reese also shared words of wisdom for youngsters looking to play at this level as well.

“I will say to young athletes enjoy the moment that you are in now. I will say if anything, you know, besides athletics, but enjoying the sport and following what the school has been scoring and what it meant. It has to happen first And so if it’s if it’s meant to be, it will happen. So enjoy it whatever your level, whether it’s at a young high school age, you know, and if you have the opportunity to play in the college ranks that’s great and let the course go you know enjoy every day and while you have it because it goes fast and just enjoy the sport for that that he is and all the qualities that come from just playing the game,” Reese said.

To learn more about RCX Sports, click here.

The Pro Bowl is Sunday, February 5 at 3:00 p.m.

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