Enzo already has one thing in common with Chelsea legend Papy Djilobodji

Enzo already has one thing in common with Chelsea legend Papy Djilobodji

Enzo Fernández has been with us for barely 48 hours, and he already has something in common with a Chelsea legend, namely Papy Djilobodji! I know!

What? You don’t remember Grandpa? I guess we never had time to build this statue for the man with the immaculate, flawless and unblemished career at Chelsea. A perfect minute. The world watched in awe. Even the angels wept.

But beyond those historic seconds against… uh, Walsall, was that it? …we could also remember Djilobodji to have a real tribute song. (No, really!) And we all know that every superhero needs their own theme song, right?

Everyone was doing Djilobodji in 2015!

So what does this have to do with Enzo, whose Chelsea career might actually turn out to be legendary (one can only hope)?

Well, in our long-awaited and somewhat delayed announcement video (and I’m not talking about the teaser, but the welcome video), Enzo also gets his own song, which turns out to be a remix of “Pa’ la Selección” by a young cumbia duo, La T y La M.

In fact, as confirmed on their Instagram, the two musicians, who have exploded in fame and popularity at home since their song became the soundtrack to Argentina’s third World Cup triumph (including being invited to Enzo’s World Cup party) recorded a special verse just for this video – no wonder the announcement took a little longer than expected!

Here is the ad:

From Argentina to England
With the smile of someone who won the Third
World Champion
Do you know who it is
Enzo Fernandez
He is going to London

And here is the absolute earworm that is the original song:

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