Lauren Jackson and Southside Flyers want to exceed decades-long crowd record

Lauren Jackson and Southside Flyers want to exceed decades-long crowd record

“But I loved every minute. It’s been special to play again and I know what it’s like to retire and not be able to play the game, so having that second opportunity to play means I want to play for as long as possible.

“It’s been magical to be back, a little sore the last few minutes but great.”

Jackson continued her practice of signing autographs and posing for photos both home and away.


“I play more minutes [in games] than at the World Cup, so it’s been nice to sit down after a game, sign autographs and get to know some people,” Jackson said.

“I wouldn’t change that for the world.”

Flyers coach Cheryl Chambers said crowds outside her club had clearly increased due to Jackson’s presence.

“We went to places that didn’t have big crowds before and their stadiums were full,” Chambers said.

“They give LJ a huge ovation and then barracks for the other team for the rest of the game.

“It will help us on the track because every team challenges us.”

The Flames have been through a tumultuous few weeks with coach Shane Heal and star guard Shyla Heal sidelined without explanation since Jan. 15.

Shyla was released from her contract this week and cleared to join Townsville Fire where she can still qualify to play in the Finals, Shane has not commented on her status nor have the Flames although their website has called the coach assistant “coach” Shelley Gorman. in a story this week.

Jackson expects the Flames to be a tough proposition on Saturday given they nearly upset his team in their last matchup three weeks ago.

With five games left in their season, the Flyers need every win possible to secure the best possible result.

Jackson will wait until the offseason before deciding if she can continue playing given that she has two young sons and a key job with Basketball Australia in charge of “women in basketball”.

‘So engaging’: Jackson praises WNBA free agency Stewart

Lauren Jackson is a Women’s National Basketball Association legend after her years with the Seattle Storm and she has praised superstar Breanna Stewart whose move to New York Liberty has garnered international attention.

Stewart, who led Team USA to World Cup gold in Sydney, will play under Australian Opals coach Sandy Brondello at the Liberty after revealing early Thursday morning Australian time that she would be leaving the Seattle Storm where she won two championships to move on to the Big Apple.

Jackson dismissed suggestions that she could play one more season in the United States and fill Stewart’s shoes with the Storm.

“Man – I gotta adjust my foot,” Jackson said with a laugh.

“There is no longer any question of me playing there.

“The WNBA has been crazy this offseason and hats off to Stewie, she made a huge decision and did what’s best for her.

“I’m really excited for Sandy Brondello, she has a great season ahead of her.

“It’s changed so much there since I was there and the athletes have so many different pressures now. It is [free agency] has been so engaging for everyone in the world.

Australian guard Steph Talbot has signed a two-year contract with the LA Sparks and Melbourne Boomers center Cayla George has signed with the Las Vegas Aces and will return to the WNBA for the first time since 2018 when she played with Dallas.

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