Help Wentworth soccer star play in international cup

Help Wentworth soccer star play in international cup

FOR Cassidy Forbay, a football fan from Wentworth, learning that he had been selected to play with his team in an international cup in his favorite country, Italy, was a dream come true.

But, for the 12-year-old, that may not become a reality as he now has to raise almost R22,000 to attend the Easter Youth Football Cup which will take place at San Siro, a stadium in Milan football, April 3-9. Cassidy, who is a goalkeeper for the Durban Lyons, has been selected to play in the U13 squad.

Samantha Forbay, his mother, said he was selected at the trials held recently in Richards Bay and Johannesburg.

“It was during the trials that he showed his best skills and turned out to be an excellent goalkeeper. My child was so excited and delighted after being selected, but now we have to fulfill his dream of doing this trip a reality, and we only have until the first week of March to pay the full amount.

“However, I am a single mother and currently unemployed which makes it very difficult to pay for the trip. I see this as an opportunity for him to pursue his dream of being a football player and not being a victim of social ills. such as drugs, gangsterism and violence that have plagued our community and taken over the lives of our young people. This is a mother’s only wish,” she said.

Forbay said Cassidy’s passion for football began at a young age.
“Football has been a passion in our family for many generations, so from an early age you will always find him playing with a ball.

“As he got older he would take his ball and go to the park and was complimented by everyone for his quality of play. After seeing his potential, at the age of eight I decided to bring him into a club At 10 he joined Durban Lyons and now has this unique opportunity to play overseas,” she said.

Cassidy, who is an 8th grade student at Umbilo High School, said he hopes to become a professional soccer player and inspire other youngsters in the community in the future. “I want to make my family and my country proud. When I achieve this goal, I also hope to inspire young people in our community and show them that something great can come out of Wentworth,” he said.

Cassidy added that he hopes to play for Manchester United Football Club. If you want to help, contact Samantha on 084 851 7308 or 074 830 8129.


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