Will Heat have to play defense against Knicks at NBA trading deadline?

Will Heat have to play defense against Knicks at NBA trading deadline?

Q: Ira, do the Heat have to play defense against the Knicks? If they got OG Anunoby, that would make them better than the Heat. Then we would be in the play-in. – Ant.

A: First off, while the Heat are certainly capable of some quality defense against the Heat on the court, it’s not as easy for Pat Riley and Andy Elisburg when it comes to a set. competitive draft pick. The Knicks have a much deeper pool in this regard. And beyond that, the picks owned by the Knicks might be perceived as more appealing because, well, the Knicks are the Knicks. Beyond that, while OG Anunoby would be a quality piece for any rotation, he’s also more of a defender than necessarily the type of scorer the Heat need. Even if the Knicks were able to land OG for the capital draft, I’m not sure anyone would immediately consider New York a clearly superior team to the current Heat mix. For now, it’s Thursday’s game at Madison Square Garden and the Heat creating more separation at No. 6 in the East standings.

Q: Hi Ira, is it a coincidence or does the trend suggest that when Kyle Lowry was replaced by Game Vincent for the fourth quarter in the last three out of four games the Heat won, while the only game where Erik Spoelstra tried to go with Lowry in fourth, they lost? I wonder if they fired Vincent and brought in Victor Oladipo as a replacement, then used Lowry for a few spots a game, minimizing his time on the court, would that increase the Heat’s winning percentage? –Ted Miami.

A: From a strategic point of view, your suggestion probably has merit, although I’m not sure that Victor Oladipo has the necessary playmaking instincts. But an NBA rotation transcends strategy. It must also take personalities into account. And there’s no way you’d get anything – yes, even less than now – if you were to move Kyle Lowry to the bench. For more than a decade, if he plays, he starts. Kyle has started the last 676 games he has appeared in. So for now, I think you’re at least waiting until next Thursday’s NBA trade deadline. And even then, you would be dealing with a player who still has one season left on his contract. It’s as much a chemistry problem as it is a rotation problem.

Q: Ira, do you think the Tyler Herro hype is just that, hype? You’ve read about what an amazing goalscorer he is, but he’s not consistent. Don’t you think it fits better with the second unit? And do you think he will end up being traded? When did scoring 20 points with a low field goal percentage become a “max” talent? I’d love to hear your thoughts on Tyler. – Brian, Miami.

A: Based on the salary cap rules, we know he almost certainly won’t be dealt with this season. So any future trade thinking, including this summer, could come down to how the season and the playoffs are going. But it’s also where the NBA stands today, where scoring trumps everything. Many of the league’s elite players are lacking on the defensive side. And, again, don’t equate salary with player value. It’s simply a case of what the market dictates.

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