Come on, Emilio, Mexican soccer needs real change

Come on, Emilio, Mexican soccer needs real change

Let’s be clear: the proposals Mikel Arriola shared yesterday to improve Liga MX have yet to be ratified at the Owners’ Meeting in May.

I have no doubt that they are well put together, but fortunately it is time to come back to the “long tournament”, which will not bring anything positive, beyond perhaps a new sponsor.

As things stand, we already have two champions a year and now can we imagine three?

As for the Mexican national team issues, these are overseen directly by Yon de Luisa with the national teams committee and they are already ongoing.

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Yon de Luisa (l) with Mikel Arriola (r)Felipe GutiérrezEFE

As I have already said previously via AStv, I saw a little complicated that, as De Luisa announced, El Tri opens up to all media (with or without rights) with the aim of getting closer to fans.

And with today’s message, there is something that annoys me: in Chapultepec they know very well who takes care of our favorite sport in Mexico…

Both parties, Mikel (League) and Yon (National Team) cannot take action without the consent of Televisa chief Emilio Azcárraga and that is precisely why this morning’s strong message in @nmas caught my attention:

“The restructuring that the FMF has presented will be insufficient to generate real results if immediate decisions are not taken.”

I wish Emilio wouldn’t worry so much about sending messages from his TV network and publicly accept his level of responsibility.

I’ve only seen him a few times, but I’m completely convinced that he loves the national team, Club America and Mexican football in general, beyond the money they generate for him.

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Sultan Al Ghannam of Saudi Arabia in action with Mexican Hirving LozanoAMR ABDALLAH DALSHREUTERS

This is why I would like unity to prevail and everyone working together on the same aggressive, ambitious, modern project that will lead us to the growth we dream of.

Is it so difficult or is Hugo Sánchez always right and we all have a “crab mentality”?

I like to think that’s not the case.

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