5-star targets and their chances to end up Irish

5-star targets and their chances to end up Irish

Notre Dame football staff are still chasing 5-star recruits, even given their unfortunate situation in the last recruiting class. They had commitments from Keon Keeley and Peyton Bowen before those two moved on to different programs. That said, we’ll see what the Irishman’s 5 stars are after this cycle and their chances of ending up in the team.

Notre Dame Football: Justin Scott – Edge

Rumor has it Justin Scott was about to pull the trigger on a Notre Dame engagement before he got an offer from Georgia. However, he still intended to commit even after the offer, and all indications favored the Irish. Irish Illustrated’s Tom Loy mentioned that the staff and Scott had discussed making sure the process went smoothly. Basically, take tours if you still want to and only commit if you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is where you want to be.

It shows a real sign of maturity and self-awareness for a young student-athlete who just turned 17. Scott himself has stated that when he enlists, he wants to close things and enlist while helping recruit other class members. Whether he will end up with Notre Dame football remains to be seen. Given his connections to staff, his proximity to campus and his clear links to Irish commits, I put his chances at 75% of being Irish.

Notre Dame Football: Ryan Wingo – wide receiver

Currently rated by 247Sports as a 5-star composite, Ryan Wingo would be a 5-star for 247Sports when they expand the rating. A Midwestern product of St. Louis University, Wingo has a strong connection to current 2024 Irish commitment CJ Carr. Carr, a 5-star prospect himself, is actively recruiting several larges to join him in the class. Wingo is no exception to this.

With Notre Dame football in a much better position at the WR position, especially with Cam Williams signed on, adding Ryan would only strengthen the room. His strong connection to Tennessee is undeniable, but Carr is the recruiting ace needed. Wingo and Carr are on the same 7-on-7 team, “California Power”.

I’ll put the odds of Wingo being Irish at 45%. I don’t think they are the current leader, but they can get there if they keep pushing hard. For what it’s worth, I think Cam Williams might be a 5 star; the Williams and Wingo combo would be dangerous.

Notre Dame Football: Elijah Rushing – Edge

By all accounts, one of the most explosive passing throwers of the Class of 2024, Elijah Rushing, has a bit of an interest in the Irish. However, while he was on campus at the end of 2021, a lot has changed since then, including the head coach. Marcus Freeman at the helm gives the team a better chance of landing Rushing than if Kelly were still there.

The key to this recruitment is to keep interest piqued enough to bring the young man back to campus now that his class is the primary focus. Come fall, it will be nearly two years since his visit to South Bend. If Marcus Freeman and Al Washington were able to bring Elijah back to campus, the situation for the Irish would be even better. At 6’6” and 235 pounds, with plenty of explosiveness and speed on the edge, Rushing would be an immediate playmaker on the defensive line.

Elijah has unofficially visited Washington, Tennessee, Ohio State, and Notre Dame, to name a few. But, again, it all comes down to how hard the Irish are pushing to land his commitment. As it stands, I’d put his chances of ending up in South Bend at 20%.

While 5-star prospects and rookies aren’t always best in class, it certainly doesn’t hurt. It’s safe to say that they will at least have a relatively high carved floor compared to most other recruits, while some are 5 stars for their high ceiling. Either way, Notre Dame football would be lucky to land one of these talented prospects.

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