Denny Hamlin Gets an Outpour of Support From NASCAR Community After Expressing Grievance Over Daytona 500 Rule

Denny Hamlin Gets an Outpour of Support From NASCAR Community After Expressing Grievance Over Daytona 500 Rule

NASCAR champion Denny Hamlin has some very serious opinions on the practice time for teams before the start of the Daytona 500. He has found support from across the NASCAR community, despite not being the personal favorite of many.

Dirty Mo Media recently posted an excerpt from the “Harmful Actions with Denny Hamlin” podcast on Twitter. He expressed an issue regarding training time, which makes perfect sense.

The three-time Daytona 500 winner wondered why there was no practice time or schedule before the biggest race of the year began. After all, it is natural for any sports organization to organize training sessions for players in order to bring out the best potential. And who better than team owners, especially those with newcomers to their teams, to appreciate the value of workouts?


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Unfiltered Denny Hamlin gives the owner’s perspective

In the clip, a visibly pissed off 23XI Racing co-owner Hamlin said: “We don’t have a practice lap until we qualify for our biggest race of the year. Someone had to explain this to me. I mean, I can tell you this from the owner’s perspective, it was never reported to us, hey, we’ll cut that, you know.

MADISON, ILLINOIS – JUNE 05: Denny Hamlin, driver of the No. 11 FedEx Freight Toyota, attends the NASCAR Cup Series Enjoy Illinois 300 at WWT Raceway on June 05, 2022 in Madison, Illinois. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Pointing out that as team owners they are blamed for such things when they weren’t consulted on the matter in reality.


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His concern for driver Travis Pastrana, who will race to qualify for NASCAR after a decade, is certainly valid. He said, “I mean, we’re sitting here and Travis Pastrana is going to drive for us. He hasn’t driven a NASCAR car in almost ten years. We are trying to figure out which parking lot we can take him to to try and figure out the shifts because he has a chance in qualifying not to stall and then get all the shifts right.

Hamlin’s critics also affirm his opinion

Fans definitely agree with the NASCAR champ on his concern. Find out what fans have to say.

Okay. What is the “common sense reason” for the lack of practice? Already. What athlete doesn’t warm up?! js

— On your marks 😎 Get set 😎 Race! 🏁 (@tigerann2363) February 1, 2023

I accept the first race and no training

— James Minor (@jamesminor88) February 2, 2023

I was thinking about that the other day! Bring it back!!

— Dalton Mobley (@Swishh77) February 2, 2023

I completely agree! Part of the excitement of Speedweeks was that there were always cars on the track. The discussion around the various events in town was “who was the fastest” in the multiple practices of the week. It was a build up to 500. It’s just not the same 😩 Never will be!

— Chase Blalock (@ChaseBlalock4) February 2, 2023

Nascar does what Nascar does… makes no sense

— Anthony Brammer (@AnthonyBrammer3) February 1, 2023

I have to say that I’m not a fan of Hamlin as a driver… but hearing the owners’ point of view is nice! Excited for the show!

— JD Pierce (@TheRealScore4) February 2, 2023

It’s ridiculous that there’s no practice before qualifying and it’s funny how they keep calling it “speed week” but that’s not the case anymore

— Ryan Agar (@1969Cuda48) February 1, 2023

Even though I’ve always hated Denny, I agree. Honestly, I wonder if they had practiced a lot last year, how many issues would have been resolved before the races.

— Jeremy Kutz (@JeremyKutz9) February 1, 2023


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My god nascars gonna hate this podcast and i fucking love it

— Emmitt Richmond (@EmmittRichmond3) February 2, 2023


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The podcast with Denny Hamlin had a lot of interesting angles. Hamlin is not only a co-owner of the 23XI Racing team but also a Joe Gibbs Racing driver. And it looks like he’s following in Kyle Busch’s footsteps. In the interview, there was an indirect revelation that this could be his last year as a driver with Joe Gibbs Racing.

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