Jets and Raiders in Play for Aaron Rodgers?

Jets and Raiders in Play for Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers is probably the most talked about quarterback in the league who won’t play on Super Bowl Sunday. And speculation over his future will only intensify once the big game is over. So what’s the final word on where Rodgers will play in 2023?

NFL News and Rumors: Are the Jets focused on a trade for Aaron Rodgers?

Last week, after practice at the Shrine Bowl, PFN announced that the New York Jets would try to acquire Aaron Rodgers on a trade this offseason. This has been confirmed here in Mobile.

In fact, a source said general manager Joe Douglas admitted to league members that the franchise would go to great lengths to try to bring Rodgers to Gang Green. And that only makes sense.

The team is in desperate need of a signalman, with Zach Wilson looking more and more like a draft. Consider owner Woody Johnson’s comments not long ago that he would be willing to pay whatever it takes for a quarterback, and it all adds up.

Who else could make a move for Rodgers?

Enter the Las Vegas Raiders.

During Shrine Bowl week, a source told PFN that receiver Davante Adams was pushing to bring Rodgers to the Raiders. It was confirmed this week. Adams was a two-time All-Pro first-team receiver and a five-time Pro Bowler with Rodgers as a quarterback.

With Derek Carr set to leave Las Vegas, the Raiders, like the Jets, will be a franchise in need of a quarterback. The question is, can the Vegas franchise find room under the salary cap to bring Rodgers to town?

Many people I spoke to said yes – and illustrated how it can be done.

According to Over the Cap, the Raiders are currently expected to be $19.78 million under the salary cap. This number is significant due to the structure of Rodgers’ contract and the fact that his post-negotiation cap for the new team would be $15.8 million. The reason it’s so low is because the Packers would keep the rest of the pro-rated signing bonus and remaining restructuring money, totaling $40.31 million.

In the current state of Rodgers’ contract, the cap count for the Raiders over the next few years would be:

2023: $15.79 million 2024: $32.50 million 2025: $51.10 million 2026: $45.53 million

A bigger issue for the Raiders than the impact of the salary cap may actually be the money owed Rodgers in 2023 and 2024. He has a fully guaranteed option bonus of $58.3 million that must be exercised before week 1 of the 2023 season. Then there is another $47 million option bonus set for 2024.

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By acquiring Rodgers, the Raiders would complete a deal that is expected to pay out $108.82 million in cash over the next two years. In the potential four years remaining, there is still $144.67 million in cash owed to Rodgers. The Raiders could seek to restructure the deal and move some cash around, but any significant changes would require Rodgers’ agreement.

People also think Rodgers would play the Jets against the Raiders to get a better deal. That’s for sure – you can expect a lot more talk about Rodgers and where he will end up as we head into March.

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