Disney likely to pursue NASCAR rights in the sport’s next TV deal

Disney likely to pursue NASCAR rights in the sport’s next TV deal

NASCAR discussed the next TV deal with FOX and NBC as the exclusive negotiation window opened through April 2023. Going forward, the sport will let the window expire and attempt a third package for a streaming company.

Amazon will likely be the most aggressive company to secure a streaming portion of the NASCAR schedule to some degree. It comes after the company acquired the Thursday Night Football package from the NFL.

Even though FOX and NBC seem likely to return and Amazon will aggressively pursue the racing series, that doesn’t mean other networks won’t try to push for a potential deal if it’s the right situation for them.

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Disney among a group of companies seeking to claim the rights to NASCAR in the upcoming Disney+ TV deal is Disney’s new streaming service, launching in November Disney 031

As noted above, NASCAR is looking to add a third streaming platform-related package, with Amazon being the most likely pursuer. However, there are other names in the mix, including. a very remarkable one.

According to John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal, Disney is among a group of companies that will likely pursue a potential deal with NASCAR; however, he is unlikely to proceed to serious discussions.

Paramount and Warner Bros. Discovery are the other two companies mentioned alongside Disney. All three are reportedly pushing for a third package that incorporates a streaming aspect.

This lines up with everything that’s been reported on NASCAR’s upcoming TV deal to date. It was reported a few months ago that a streaming service was something the sport was pursuing this time around.

Fans may not appreciate hearing this news; however, it makes sense as an association since these streaming companies are very wealthy. This would allow the sport to maximize its revenue from the TV deal from 2025.

As noted, the sport has an exclusive negotiation window with FOX and NBC that will likely expire without a deal. None of the supposed companies can speak with NASCAR until it expires in April 2023.

NASCAR’s future on television appears to lie with FOX and NBC, which was highlighted during the State of the Sport address on the final race weekend of the 2022 season.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on NASCAR’s upcoming TV deal, as the way the sport is presented to racing fans around the world may possibly see some major changes from 2025.

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