Discord arrives on PS5 for beta testers today

Discord arrives on PS5 for beta testers today

Beta testers will be able to join Discord voice calls on a PS5 console in the US, Canada, Japan, and the UK starting today. The integration allows PS5 owners to join Discord calls by linking accounts and then using the Discord mobile app to forward calls to the PS5. Sony is also adding variable refresh rate support for 1440p, along with various dashboard improvements.

Discord voice integration on PS5 seems similar to how Microsoft originally launched Discord support on Xbox. Sony says you must “use the Discord app on your mobile device or computer to initiate a Discord voice chat on your PS5 console,” which means you won’t be able to directly access Discord servers on a PS5 without using a device. mobile or your PC to transfer the call.

Hopefully Sony improves on this soon, as Microsoft improved its Discord integration for Xbox in November, allowing Xbox owners to join voice channels directly from a console without having to use a phone or PC.

VRR support at 1440p. Image: Sony

Along with Discord support, the PS5 will also get variable refresh rate support for 1440p resolution. This means compatible HDMI 2.1 displays can enable VRR at 1440p for smoother visual performance in games.

Sony is also making some improvements to the social aspects of the share screen feature and group chats in the PS5 dashboard, and even adding a new “friends playing” tile so you can see which friends are currently playing a game. Game.

Sony’s new PS5 data transfer tool. Image: Sony

While the PS app currently supports automatic downloading of screenshots or game clips, you will soon be able to manually download game captures. Sony is also making it easier to access PS4 saved data on a PS5, which means new games can load old PS4 saved data. There’s also a new option to move PS5 data and games from one console to another using a local Wi-Fi or LAN connection.

Sony is releasing this new beta software to testers today and we’ll likely see it available on all PS5 consoles in the coming months.

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