Niners HC Shanahan, GM Lynch voice support for emergency quarterback rule change

Niners HC Shanahan, GM Lynch voice support for emergency quarterback rule change

Coach Kyle Shanahan would like to see the NFL respond by allowing teams to prepare for an emergency like the one his 49ers encountered on Sunday, perhaps allowing a third emergency quarterback to dress on the day of the game. game, but not counting towards the 46-player limit.

“I would definitely be in favor,” Shanahan said Wednesday. “We were scared to death when that rule ended, many years ago. You kind of forget it since you don’t see anyone having to cross it, but then you remember how quickly a game of football is over once that happens. So I think that would be a really smart thing to have.”

In theory, a team would always dress a starter and a substitute. Instead of leaving the third stringer in street clothes, he would also be dressed, but could not play unless the two quarterbacks in front of him were unable to participate due to injury. Such a rule would certainly have helped the 49ers last weekend, and it’s far from the only case in years where people have raced to find out who the emergency quarterback is. The same can be said of kickers, who would also benefit from such a rule change regarding their position.

On Sunday, that emergency quarterback was running back Christian McCaffrey, who attempted a pass in the past two quarters.

There is also a developmental aspect to a potential change, as it could create space for teams to carry an additional quarterback to the roster and/or practice squad. At least, that’s how 49ers general manager John Lynch sold him on Wednesday.

“I think it would be good for football,” Lynch said. “You’re always trying to develop these guys, but you’re always weighing that, carrying three as opposed to their roster value of being able to accommodate a full complement of position players in different positions. I think if the league just kind of gave you a spell, everyone would be forced to do that, you would have more people in the camps getting better, I think that would be good for football.”

It certainly would have been good for football last weekend.

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