Jalen Hurts winning the Super Bowl would be monumental and unprecedented

Jalen Hurts winning the Super Bowl would be monumental and unprecedented

This Super Bowl will be historic in many ways.

Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes will be the first black QBs to meet in a Super Bowl.

Jason and Travis Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce, will be the first mom to have two sons compete in the Super Bowl.

Jalen Hurts’ agent Nicole Lynn will become the first black female agent to represent a player in the Super Bowl.

AND Jalen Hurts could cement himself as the first dual-threat quarterback to win it all.

On The EPA Podcast #15 for BGN Radio, Shane Haff explained how Hurts’ victory would be monumental and unprecedented.

“If you don’t count Russell Wilson as a true double threat, I also consider him more of an improvisational guy. You are splitting hairs at this point. He [Jalen Hurts] would be the first true running quarterback. I mean Cam [Newton] didn’t win his, he was kind of that current QB and that’s newer bread, Lamar [Jackson] didn’t win any, so he has the chance to be the first of that kind of archetype to win the Super Bowl.

The game is changing and it’s time for dual threat QBs to get more respect. So hopefully if Hurts can get the job done, we as a society and lovers of the game can end the tired argument and turn over a new leaf.

Victor Williams replied:

“Then we could finally get off the topic that dual-threat QBs are unsustainable, and then we could start saying stop drafting those pocket statues. I feel like the game is changing anyway, the game is moving towards more hybrid QBs, guys who are mobile, guys who can handle the RPO and set it in motion. People are going to look at Jalen Hurts and say maybe our guy can do this.

Let’s reflect on some of Jalen Hurts’ accomplishments over the past season.

He’s a favorite for Super Bowl LVII MVP, the Eagles are 16-1 this season when he starts and he broke the single-game record for rushing yards by a quarterback, which was held by Michael Vick. He shouldn’t even need a ring to prove what an amazing player he is, we’ve all witnessed his greatness but in the end it’s so much bigger than him.

By winning it all, Hurts, a dual-threat QB, will finally be able to do what many before him couldn’t. By winning it all, Hurts will also make a statement for the dual-threat QBs that come behind him.

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