NASCAR remains in discussions for a big return to Rockingham Speedway

NASCAR remains in discussions for a big return to Rockingham Speedway

NASCAR went countless years without major changes to the 38-race schedule until recently when the sport’s executives pursued new ideas. Now another bold planning idea would have come on the table.

According to Queen City News’ Brett Baldeck, NASCAR has had preliminary discussions with Rockingham Speedway about potentially returning to the famous racing venue in the future.

The track received a full repaving which created a smooth racing surface. There have also been some renovations with more to come soon as the venue seeks to modernize after a period of inactivity.

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NASCAR is in preliminary discussions with Rockingham Speedway as the track continues its renovations The Rock rolled on Tuesday, December 15, 2020, as six drivers tested Hoosier tires in preparation for the CARS Tour race scheduled at Rockingham Speedway in March. Rock5

As noted above, Rockingham Speedway is moving forward with several renovations in the future. This includes the removal of grandstands, a live music terrace and standard seating, new SAFER barriers and lights throughout the venue, according to Queen City News.

These changes would make the track a perfect atmosphere for hosting NASCAR events once completed. In the meantime, it is wise to stay in discussion with Rockingham Speedway to formulate a possible meeting.

Rockingham Speedway Executive Vice President Justin Jones spoke to Queen City News about the plan and the idea of ​​NASCAR returning to the popular circuit.

“The ball is now in (NASCAR’s) court… Everywhere I go in town it’s, ‘when is NASCAR coming back?’ The same answer I can give them is “we’re doing everything we can” because that’s our number one goal.

Justin Jones on NASCAR’s return to Rockingham Speedway

Frankly, it makes sense for NASCAR to monitor the progress of renovations and events happening at the track. If the results are considered a success, there’s no reason the sport can’t return to Rockingham Speedway.

Many racing fans will witness the return of North Wilkesboro Speedway for All-Star Weekend this season and if the sport can give them a chance, it’s only fair to give Rockingham Speedway a chance.

If renovations, fan involvement and actual racing don’t go as planned, there’s no need to return to the track. However, if fans in the area had a chance, they would be unlikely to let it go to waste.

For now, it’s a waiting game to see if NASCAR actually returns to Rockingham Speedway, but there’s plenty to be excited about as the venue looks to produce an electric atmosphere going forward.

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