Ranking the top 5 NHL teams to never win a Stanley Cup

Ranking the top 5 NHL teams to never win a Stanley Cup

The NHL Stanley Cup is considered one of the hardest cups to win in sports. The 31 teams competing for the coveted Cup must fight day and night for more than 80 regular season games.

The winner’s name is inscribed on the coveted trophy and serves as a lasting memory for the franchise and its players. Winning the Cup is a life-changing event for any player in the sport. This is often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as the long seasons make it difficult for teams to return to the final.

The Montreal Canadiens currently hold the record for most Stanley Cups won, with 24. This article will look at the teams that have never won the Stanley Cup.

Five best NHL teams that have never won a #5 Stanley Cup. Columbus Blue Jackets Colorado Avalanche v Columbus Blue Jackets

The Columbus Blue Jackets are among the most famous teams in the NHL. Legends like Rick Nash and Ryan Johansen have both been stars for the Jackets. Columbus has never won the Stanley Cup Finals, and the closest they came to the Cup was in 2018-19. On that occasion, they lost to the Boston Bruins by 2-4 in the second round.

#4. Nashville Predators

The Nashville Predators were founded in 1998. Roman Joshi, Pekka Rinne and Jordin Tootoo have all worn Predators jerseys. Nashville has never won the coveted NHL trophy, its most recent failure coming in the 2016-17 Finals against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

#3. Florida Panthers Florida Panthers vs. San Jose Sharks

The Florida Panthers, founded in 1993, are one of the best teams in the NHL. Some of the best known players like Aleksander Barkov, Ollie Jokinen and Pavel Bure have made the team. The team, however, is still on track to win its first Stanley Cup. Their last Finals appearance was against the Colorado Avalanche in 1995-96.

#2. bison sabers

The Buffalo Sabers made their NHL debut in 1970. The Sabers are credited with producing some ice legends like magician Gilbert Perreault. The franchise has appeared in two Stanley Cup Finals, the most recent being in 1998-99 against the Dallas Stars.

Burning Buffalo fans remain hopeful that their beloved team will one day win its first Stanley Cup.

#1. Vancouver Canucks Vancouver Canucks vs. Minnesota Wild

Since the team’s inception in 1970 (as the Sabres), the Vancouver Canucks have produced some of the best players in the league, including Markus Naslund and Trevor Linden. The team is also considered one of the best in the league.

The only thing that separates them from the real elite is a Stanley Cup triumph. The team has appeared in three Stanley Cup Finals, the most recent loss being against the Boston Bruins in 2011.

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