Minnesota United Power Soccer Team Takes on the Phoenix Invitational

Minnesota United Power Soccer Team Takes on the Phoenix Invitational

The Minnesota United power soccer team recently had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Phoenix Rising Invitational Power Soccer tournament. This tournament upped the ante for these young athletes who not only had a whole new level of competition, but also had the chance to compete in their first out-of-state tournament representing the MNUFC. Powered by our first-team sponsor, Allina Health, this team presents itself in a big way for itself, for Minnesota United, and for power soccer as a whole.

The Phoenix Rising Tournament brought together teams from the Presidents and Champions divisions, creating a higher level of competition for our Loons who, according to coaches Katie Kinsey and Tom Gordon, rose to the occasion and performed very well. In an interview with CBS, Kinsey said, “All the teams we played in Phoenix were a few conferences higher than us…for us to be able to play this well together is a really good sign for us.”

The strongest and most experienced opponents provided the perfect litmus test for the MNUFC powerhouse football team who fought hard in every game. Both coaches were particularly impressed with the team during their match against the very competitive Canadian team Juni Sport. “It was the most aggressive game we’ve ever played, and we once again proved to ourselves and others how good we can be and will be in the future,” Gordon said.

The step the team has taken with this tournament is exciting for coaches, families and, most importantly, players, who are now much closer to competing at the level of their dreams. Gordon hopes the team will continue to participate in this tournament for years to come and sees its potential grow into an even bigger event, especially with the 2026 FIFA World Cup hosted in North America.

Above all, Gordon said the support the team has received has been overwhelming. “I would be remiss if I did not mention the support, encouragement and dedication that the families have clearly shown over the past week,” Gordon said. “Each player had family members with them, all dressed in MNUFC gear and cheering enthusiastically…MNUFC-MNUFC-MNUFC…GO LOONS!!”

Although still on the ground floor, Minnesota United’s powerhouse football team already has a strong presence on and off the field. The building blocks for a brighter future are being put in place and the Loons are beginning to assert themselves in the world of power football. It’s very exciting to think about the great things to come with this extremely talented group of athletes.

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