Winter owl updates – Austin Kleon

Winter owl updates – Austin Kleon

Here are some blind outline drawings of the two owls that live in the box in the garden.

Some time ago, I bought a cheap Gosky spotting scope with a smartphone adapter that allowed me to take pictures with my old iPhone SE. I keep it on my studio desk pointed at the box, but until about a week ago I had to go there to shoot photos manually or run the phone’s timelapse feature.

Tonight’s? ? the film really has everything to please: a? visit, grooming and flights #coconuttheowl

— Austin Kleon (@austinkleon) February 1, 2023

It occurred to me that what I really needed was a 24/7 stream from the box. This led me to AlfredCamera, an iOS app that turns your old iPhone into a security camera. It’s a little buggy, and the image quality isn’t the best, but having 24/7 coverage with motion detection and a low-light filter and the ability to play back footage means that I got to witness all kinds of owl behavior that I wouldn’t otherwise see.

The cutest moments are when they’re perched side by side in the box, getting ready for their night of murder. Watching them try to sneak into the opening is a great source of comedy:

Watching these two try to share the club at night is a real comedy

? ?

— Austin Kleon (@austinkleon) January 31, 2023

As to whether or not they stay, we’ll just have to see.

If they stay, they often mate at the end of the month. Mom will lay eggs in March, at which time Dad will move about 14-20 feet away from the box to keep an eye on things. Once the owls hatch, Papa will come closer, about 7-10 feet, and in June the owls will take flight.

You can see updates from the owls on Twitter or in my Instagram stories.

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