Gangsta Boo Last Music Video With Drumma Boy Drops

Gangsta Boo Last Music Video With Drumma Boy Drops

Before his unfortunate demise, Gangsta Boo dropped a verse to his brother Drumma Boy’s new track, “Imma Mack.” The song also featured Crunchy Black and La Chat, two of the members of his band Three 6 Mafia.


In the video, she appears about halfway through the song and spits that she is a “mack”, “playa”, “gangsta” and a “pimp”.

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Boo never let out a shrewd talk, saying, “I do like my p##syhole / Mane you h##s n’est pas stuntin / Talking all that s##t but in real life, you is not got nuttin Cloudy jewels #ss you swing, stormy mane, clumsy #ss h##, I’m trying to see something.

TMZ reports that they have a behind-the-scenes clip from the music video, where she watches the edits with a bottle of Patrón

“Imma Mack” is a song from “Welcome to My City Vol. Album 4″, featuring artists from Memphis.

Gangsta Boo, as sadly reported, transitioned at the age of 43 from a suspected drug overdose on New Years Day.

One of the first queens to rock the mic at a major Southern level, she leaves a legacy of gossip and pandering that will go down as unsurpassed. She was also, because of everyone who knew her, an amazing person.

Even new girls, like Ice Spice, paid tribute. The Bronx host just released a song called “Gangsta Boo,” paying tribute to the Memphis native.

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