OutKick Founder Clay Travis Gets Into A Vicious Street Battle With Blue Checkmarks Who Hate Freedom, Biological Female Instagram Models & Fun

OutKick Founder Clay Travis Gets Into A Vicious Street Battle With Blue Checkmarks Who Hate Freedom, Biological Female Instagram Models & Fun

OutKick founder Clay Travis might be scattered these days with his national radio show, his multiple appearances on Fox News, being a parent who’s ready to bombard a referee, a husband and a great American, but he is never too busy to defend this beautiful website he founded.

The lib lib blue tick gangs were prowling the streets of Twitter Wednesday night looking for a fight. Specifically, they wanted a piece of Clay Travis as he took on their beloved WNBA. How dare Clay Travis speak ill of a league they are impersonating because it looks cool that they are so fake inclusive.

The Defender of the Common Man sprang into action and began clearing blue checkmarks left and right. Then a fake blue tick named Kevin asked a question that will haunt him because we turned it into the main image and now it will go to the Google Image Archive.

“What is Outkick? asked the fake tick.

OutKick founder Clay Travis absolutely bags a blue tick in a ruthless street fight on Twitter. /Illustration OutKick/Getty Images

Boom. Roast.

It’s a knockout, Kev.

Direct kicks that you don’t see very often in these street fights on Twitter, as checkmarks will usually snap into place for more rounds with Clay. Not Kevin. He was dead.

Guys remember there’s a place on the internet for those of you who don’t want to feel like you have to pretend like the WNBA to be cool with your super cool friends who have to remember how great they are woke up. We know the television ratings. You don’t watch the WNBA. You don’t get the boys together to go smash big drafts and watch the WNBA.

And I get to talk to real Americans who love mowing their lawns with gas mowers and drinking cheap beer. #Thank you

— Joe Kinsey (@JoeKinseyexp) February 2, 2023

OutKick is here for you guys. This is the place to talk about the things you care about in life. Reject the blue check mark from WNBA special interest groups who pretend to defend the league backed by NBA franchise owners who are forced by revivals to pretend to care about the league as in 2021, it was losing $10 million a year.

Who misses mowing, warm summer nights and those beers at sunset?

— ThursdayNightMowingLeague (@OutKickTNML) February 1, 2023

Imagine how Kyle spends his day on the internet. So miserable. Kyle, here at OutKick, there’s a column that will brighten your life. This is called morning screenshots. Believe me, there is help to make you less unhappy.

Watch this clown’s utter destruction as Clay shows off his A-game.

Because I have no interest in the WNBA and am fed up with the incessant hype for two decades? If that’s your ass standard, you’ve got over 330 million ass to kick, badass. https://t.co/hKOCRhwb50

— Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) February 1, 2023

Kyles, Kevins and the rest of their angry nerd friends hate it when Clay gets brutally honest about the rise of this website. Look at this outspokenness. Kyle is at work on his phone crying real tears.

Twitter has created such an artificial society, for all subjects but sports in particular, that most sports media are terrified of saying what they really think. Which means my audience skyrocketed just by saying what I really think. It’s honestly still wild to me.

— Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) February 2, 2023

To be fair, some people love watching college basketball. Of course, we call most of these people “player parents,” but if that’s how you choose to spend your free time, buy your WNBA season tickets and enjoy.

— Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) February 2, 2023

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