“NASCAR Is Near Death”: Toyota Report Raises Bankruptcy Concerns

“NASCAR Is Near Death”: Toyota Report Raises Bankruptcy Concerns

It looks like Toyota Racing Development (TRD) is optimistic about expanding its lineup in 2024. As one of NASCAR’s three manufacturers, TRD is eager to add new teams under its wing. But wait, why aren’t NASCAR fans happy about this?

About 16 years ago, TRD aimed to target about a quarter of the car share among the 43 cars in the NASCAR Cup Series. However, to date, builders have only been able to achieve a single-digit Cup fleet. With only two other competitors in the market, it’s time for TRD to expand its car lineup.

But despite TRD’s optimism for the expansion, NASCAR fans don’t approve of it. In fact, they are worried about the current teams associated with TRD. Also, a few fans can’t figure out where TRD will get the money for the expansion when they couldn’t even keep Joe Gibbs Racing’s #18 car.


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More teams but I couldn’t raise the money to keep the 18 I know it’s an owner problem but really?

— aaron (@addvic) January 30, 2023

Why is jgr just going to increase the cost of everything and sink these teams

— JayStephens8 (@JayStephens88) January 30, 2023

Nobody wants to work with the Gibbs brat so they have to find new teams

— Denis Smyth (@DCwantsitall) January 30, 2023

Every team they catch, they end up poisoning and the team is eventually forced to shut down. Levine Furniture Row, BK and Red Bull are prime examples.

— JJWolf0498 (@JJWolf0498) January 31, 2023

Didn’t JGR bankrupt the last two Toyota teams with inflation

— Timecard100 (@Nascarcatholic) January 30, 2023


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The concerns raised by fans cannot be ignored. However, it’s also true that it’s time for TRD to up their game.

Toyota Racing Development on NASCAR expansion

Currently, two NASCAR Cup Series teams have been associated with Toyota Racing Development. With Joe Gibbs Racing’s four Camrys and 23XI Racing’s two full-time Camrys in the 2022 Cup, manufacturers were only able to field 6 cars out of the 37 cars.

However, now TRD is looking forward to increasing that number. As reported by NBC, TRD President David Wilson seems confident about his team’s strategy for 2024. While talking about expansion plans, Wilson said:


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“We have good irons in the fire now. What used to be a very effective strategy to amass our resources on fewer cars, with marginalizing the areas we have to play in and leveling the playing field, we definitely need a little more help.”

Additionally, Wilson shared that his strategy is currently focused on new teams considering entering the market. He revealed that TRD was in talks with at least two interested potential car owners and denied the possibility of partnering with existing Chevrolet teams. He said: “The good news is that there is a lot of interest. The bad news is that you don’t have to worry about Penske or Hendrick.


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TRD’s expansion mission reflects its desire to remain competitive. And this competition will indirectly affect the sport, making it more fun and intriguing.

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