Students praise new mobile ordering at UM dining halls

Students praise new mobile ordering at UM dining halls

Students appreciate the user-friendliness of the new self-ordering tablets in place at Tossed in the food court and other on-campus restaurants.

From the Corner Deli’s move to Instacart’s installation last semester, the University of Miami has no shortage of new dining experiences. When the campus reopened for the spring 2023 semester, UM students quickly discovered another change in UM dining: mobile ordering in the Hecht-Stanford and Mahoney-Pearson dining halls.

Instead of ordering from staff, students who receive food from Flame, Deli by Design and Create stations place their orders using a QR code located at the entrances to the dining hall or the station itself. same.

Many students feel that this new system has created positive changes. Derek Hart, a second-year English student, thinks mobile ordering avoids long waits, which can be helpful for busy students.

“It’s nice not to have to wait. There were times when there was a very long queue. You don’t necessarily have to wait 10 to 15 minutes sometimes, especially in a rush that could be really tough,” Hart said.

Sofia Passante, a second-year English major, says she and her friends are all using mobile ordering and points out that this new system is streamlining students’ dining experiences.

“It’s great because they text you when your order is ready,” Passante said.

Both Passante and Hart agree that mobile ordering should have been introduced to campus dining halls earlier.

“I think it would have been great if it had been implemented earlier, but it’s here now,” Passante said.

The implementation of mobile ordering was announced less than a week before the dorms reopened, so the new system came as a surprise to some students.

“I didn’t expect mobile ordering to be implemented so soon, but it’s definitely a great addition to the school environment,” Passante said.

Unlike dining halls, not all on-campus dining options offer mobile ordering. UM Dining announced that Daybreak, Tossed, Miami Chicken Company, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Pollo Tropical and Archivist Cafe would have self-order kiosks starting this semester. However, some other UM restaurants still don’t have self-ordering options. Some students believe that mobile ordering should be a popular feature of dining options at UM.

“I think more mobile ordering would be better, just considering that students have had very busy schedules for a long time and mobile ordering is a great way to eliminate the need to have to wait in line,” Hart said. .

Although this is Kinda Khoury’s first semester, a first-year math student at UM, which means she hasn’t experienced dining halls without a mobile control, she thinks that should also be put. implemented in other locations on campus.

“I feel like some high-traffic places should do it,” Khoury said.

Even though many students favor the mobile ordering system, Hart, Khoury, and Passante don’t think it creates enough reason for students to eat in dining halls as opposed to other dining options on and off campus. Passante argues that students may choose other options for reasons other than convenience.

“I don’t think mobile ordering necessarily drives people to the dining halls above the food court or other dining options because other off-campus dining options offer delivery. and other dishes on campus could be better,” Passante said. “I think it’s also a question of the quality of the food.”

Students can visit @UMDining on Instagram or Twitter for more information and updates.

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