Linda Ronstadt Won’t Profit From Last of Us “Long, Long Time”

Linda Ronstadt Won’t Profit From Last of Us “Long, Long Time”

Picture: HBO

Everyone who’s seen The Last of Us episode three has been absolutely tearful about the romance at its center. “Long Long Time” – named after Linda Ronstadt’s 1970 hit, which plays a key role in the story – sent the internet into mass hysteria over its loving old men surviving during the apocalypse. But while the song is suddenly all over the show’s wake, the singer won’t profit any further from her renewed popularity.

While Spotify tweeted that “Long, Long Time” streams jumped 4,900%, the truth is that songwriter Gary White will be the one to get that royalty check. Ronstadt isn’t angry though, telling Billboard, “I still love the song and I’m very happy that Gary is getting a windfall.”

Unlike Kate Bush, who enjoyed a similar resurgence after Stranger Things used her song “Running Up That Hill” repeatedly throughout its final season, Ronstadt owns none of the rights to the song, having sold nearly all of it. his recorded music. catalog in 2021; she retired from performing in 2011 for health reasons. In any case, Ronstadt never owned the master of “Long, Long Time,” because of his deal with Capitol Records, Ronstadt’s manager told Billboard.

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