A Bridgerton Story is not coming to Netflix in February

A Bridgerton Story is not coming to Netflix in February

Bridgerton’s Queen Charlotte has been an interesting and intriguing character since we first met her in the first season of the Regency-era series. And since Netflix announced the arrival of a prequel to the monarch, fans are definitely delighted! The bad news is that the show is not on Netflix’s February arrivals list.

The main show didn’t go into the Queen’s story too much, although we do know that she and her king share an epic love and at one point he sadly suffers from memory loss. We got teased about his past, but nothing went into detail.

The spin-off will focus on a young Charlotte before she became queen, how she met King George and explored their romance, and how changes in society happened during their union, according to the synopsis.

The drama isn’t releasing this month, so when can we expect to see it? We have the answer for you below!

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Updates

As of right now, details are pretty sparse on Bridgerton’s highly anticipated spin-off, including a release date. No official word has yet come from Netflix, except that it’s definitely coming in 2023. But we may get an update thanks to a reporter.

In a tweet, senior reviewer Meghan O’Keefe of Decider shared images from a press box she received from the company. And there was a small hint about a possible release date for the Queen Charlotte-centric story. According to the tweet, we may be expecting the show in the spring of 2023!

Officially on the schedule, spring starts on March 20, 2023 and ends on June 21, 2023. So if Netflix wants to be exact with a spring release date, the series could possibly debut sometime between those three months. . We are hoping for a May 2023 release date!

Stay tuned to Netflix Life as we bring you updates and news on Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story!

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