What is Telegram Premium? | Android Central

What is Telegram Premium? | Android Central

What is Telegram Premium?

Best answer: Telegram Premium is an optional subscription level for the cross-platform messaging app Telegram that unlocks exclusive features, such as double limits, larger file uploads, faster downloads, and more. Funds acquired through the Telegram Premium subscription will also be used to help the service continue to expand its offerings and maintain a free tier for those who want to stick to the basics.

What is the telegram?

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Telegram is a cross-platform messaging app with over 700 million monthly active users, built entirely on personal recommendations: the company doesn’t spend money on advertising.

Founded by Pavel Durov, a Russian entrepreneur, Telegram has been around since late 2014, with a primary focus on privacy and encryption in “secret chats” and calls. Based on an open-source API, Telegram works like any other messaging app. Once you’re connected to other users (via your username, phone number, or even a temporarily generated QR code), you can have one-on-one and group chats, make audio and video calls, send files, images, videos, stickers, etc.

Since all messages are stored on a secure server in Telegram, one of the best messaging apps for Android, you can access it from any device you’ve downloaded Telegram on, from a work phone to a personal phone, tablet, etc. it works with Android and iOS.

What do you get with Telegram Premium?

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With the upgraded Telegram Premium option, which costs $4.99 per month (price may differ outside the US), you get additional features. These include 4GB file uploads compared to the standard 2GB limit and the pursuit of unlimited Telegram Cloud storage. A 4GB file, Telegram notes, could represent four hours of 1080p video or 18 days of high-quality audio.

Premium also includes increased limits for just about everything, including tracking up to 1,000 channels (compared to 500 with the free version), creating up to 20 chat folders with up to 200 chats each, adding a fourth account to any Telegram app, pinning up to 10 chats in the main list (5 free) and saving up to 10 stickers as favorites. You can also reserve up to 20 t.me/name links (10 with the free version) and up to 400 GIFs (200 with the free version).

Telegram Premium also allows for faster downloads (access to content in cloud storage “as fast as your network can keep up”), access to exclusive stickers, including those with full-screen animations, exclusive reactions, including 10 new emoji, improved chat management with new tools for organizing a chat list, and more.

Additionally, the upgrade allows writing a longer biography with a link and more characters to media captions and creating animated profile videos for all users. There is also a voice to text option, one of the various new additions to Telegram, to convert voice messages to text.

Even Telegram members who are not Premium subscribers will still be able to download the larger documents sent to them by Premium members and view the unique stickers (although they cannot send them themselves).

“Contributions from premium subscribers will help improve and expand the app for decades to come,” Telegram says in its prepared announcement about the upgrade option, “while Telegram will remain free, independent, and maintain its values ​​of first, redefining how a technology the company should work.

Additional privacy and security features include the ability to automatically archive and mute new chats. Telegram Premium subscribers will also no longer see sponsored posts that appear on certain public channels in a handful of countries.

Telegram Premium users are identified via a badge that appears next to their name in chats and member lists, and can also access premium app icons, including a star, night sky and turbo plane.


The Telegram multi-messaging platform is free to download and use, but those who want to support the business and access some exclusive features and functions can sign up for the Premium tier for a fee.

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