Phoenix Suns Fall to No. 9 in 2023 NBA Title Contention Power Rankings

Phoenix Suns Fall to No. 9 in 2023 NBA Title Contention Power Rankings

2021 has seen the Phoenix Suns head to an incredible NBA Finals. 2022 saw a franchise-record 64 regular-season wins.

Those two years helped ignite basketball fever in the Valley, but fans are hoping 2023 will be different.

Despite the roster’s immense talent, Phoenix came away empty-handed on both counts. Many feel like the Suns’ window is closing any minute, and their recent form (Phoenix has lost its last five of six) hasn’t exactly inspired hope.

Still, the grind of an 82-game season will have its ups and downs, and even despite their low span of play, the Suns are just four games out of first in a highly competitive Western Conference. It’s also without Devin Booker and Cam Johnson in the fold.

As it stands, the Suns are still in the conversation for NBA title contention, but they may not be as high as early 2023.

Suns drop to 9th in 2023 NBA title contender power rankings

In Sports Illustrated’s ranking of title contenders heading into the new year, Phoenix ranked #9 with the following explanation:

“Phoenix lives on the edge of disaster and inspiring history. Devin Booker’s injury is a concern. So is depth. The team needs to make a trade. Chris Paul looks older than ever. And despite all the hurdles and not having their starting XI for most of the season, the Suns are only three games behind first place in the West. I can’t quit this team.” said Rohan Nadkarni.

The entire top ten was as follows:

1.Boston Celtics

2. Brooklyn Nets

3. Milwaukee Bucks

4. Los Angeles Clippers

5. Denver Nuggets

6. Golden State Warriors

7. Philadelphia 76ers

8. Memphis Grizzlies

9. Phoenix Suns

10. New Orleans Pelicans

For what it’s worth, the Suns have beaten teams ahead of them like Memphis, Golden State and Los Angeles.

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