How the January full moon 2023 will affect each zodiac sign

How the January full moon 2023 will affect each zodiac sign

The new year is upon us and January’s full moon, the first of 2023, will usher in a serene mood.

After the chaos of the holidays, we can relax and recharge before tackling the next 12 months with vigor. (Psst: if you haven’t read your 2023 horoscope, now is the time.) We are definitely all for it!

“This full moon will bring us a lot of calming and peaceful energy and the focus will be primarily on family and home,” says Nebula astrologer Patrick Price (opens in a new tab). “It could manifest in different ways, but expect home life to take center stage around the full moon.”

Considering the end of 2022 brought us a bit of chaos with the eclipse season, the next full moon is welcome. Moreover, it will be beneficial.

“Using the energy of this Full Moon correctly is going to fill you with the energy and stamina you need to start the year on a high note and start the way you want to go,” Price says.

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Full moon January 2023: what you need to know

The Wolf Moon isn’t as threatening as it looks, in fact, it’s all about balancing and recharging before starting the next 12 months. Perhaps taking a hint from Capricorn season, this particular lunation wants to kick things off on a practical note.

“It’s more about finding relaxation in what you do day to day and finding a space in your own life where you can really slow down and listen to your inner emotional workings,” Price says.

Speaking of what lies ahead, there will be some challenges throughout the year, understandably, but this Full Moon is the calm we need before the whirlwind of cosmic energy is bestowed upon us.

“The outlook is very positive, but there will be many ups and downs and many challenges thrown at us,” Price adds. “The Cancer Full Moon is the calm before the storm, so to speak, and 2023 won’t be a storm in negative terms, but it’s a wild ride.”

Meet the Expert: Patrick PriceAstrologist

Patrick is the Nebula: Horoscope & Astrology App expert specializing in tarot, angel readings and western astrology. Patrick is a queer man from a gypsy family. Tarot is deeply rooted in her family’s culture. He has been doing tarot for eight years and astrological readings for three years. Patrick specializes in coaching through startups and finding a purpose in life. You can still connect with him in Nebula.

Who will be most affected by the full moon?

Water signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – are likely to resonate with this full moon and feel its energy deeply, even though they have different obstacles to climb throughout the moon phase.

How will the January full moon affect each sign?

In his monthly astrology gift to readers, Price explains how each member of the zodiac will be affected by the full moon.


Even if you don’t have the answers you seek, this full moon will help you feel comfortable.

“It’s not about action, it’s about connecting with a serene, calm, hopeful part of yourself, and it will light up your life,” Price said.


Expect to connect with those around you, Taurus, but don’t pick up negativity in the process.

“Being selective about the energies present in your life at this time will offer you a real sense of healing,” says Price. “It will bring to the surface feelings of belonging and fulfillment, and that’s what you need right now.”


Take a step back, Gemini, you can’t do everything.

“This full moon reminds you that you’ve been spinning too many plates,” Price says. “Take time to emotionally connect to these areas of your life and figure out where you feel you are drained.”


“The full moon is going to be a really inspiring time for you, Cancer. It’s because it’s happening in your home,” Price said. “Use that energy and confidence to focus on your goals and think about what your next move will be.”


You might feel a little awkward and stuck, Leo. It’s not a typical feeling for you, but if you take the time to decompress, you’ll be back on track.

“Pamper yourself and make self-care a priority before the full moon,” Price suggests. “You need to feel your inner love shining to move forward again.”


“For you, Virgo, the full moon will be like a big sigh of relief. That’s because, all of a sudden, you might feel like you’ve been gifted with brilliant mental clarity,” Price says. “Use this clarity and vision to focus on things at home and fully enjoy your surroundings, physically and emotionally.”


It’s not always possible to be in control, Libra. It’s OK to follow Elsa’s lead and let it go.

“It’s important to focus your energy on releasing those things that you have no control over, because that’s a huge waste of energy and a negative place to put your hopes,” Price says.


“You need to focus on everything that makes up your home life during the full moon,” Price says. “Things can feel sticky in some areas here. Try to remove yourself from the situation and look at this area of ​​your life from a bird’s eye view.”


“Now to really connect with your quieter, more patient, bolder self,” Price says. “These qualities will be needed later in the year.

You are strong, Sagittarius, but be sure to nurture that strength instead of ignoring it.


Use the start of the new year for a little TLC, Capricorn.

“Use the full moon as a chance to find calm and unburden yourself, especially mentally and emotionally,” says Price. “You need rest and you need to recharge.”


Expect some growth at the start of the new year, Aquarius.

“The full moon can make you dizzy, excited, optimistic, and hopeful. That’s because it encourages you to grow,” Price says.


Pisces, you may feel at a crossroads, but instead of resorting to the negative, take the opportunity to change your way of thinking.

“It will allow you to reprioritize your emotions and worries and see that even in the darkest places there is always light to be felt,” says Price.

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