Levi Shapiro On The Impact Social Media Has On Building His Name And Brand

Levi Shapiro On The Impact Social Media Has On Building His Name And Brand

Thirteen-year veteran professional wrestler Levi Shapiro knows the importance of building a brand when it comes to wanting to make a name for himself in the wrestling world.

The current APW World Internet Champion was a guest on this week’s Wrestling Perspective podcast on Fightful.com with Lars Frederiksen and Dennis Farrell. Shapiro spoke about his desire to be in the company he loves and says he knows he has work to do. Dennis Farrell asked Shapiro if the current social media landscape impacts him in building his name and brand.

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“I think right now more than ever it’s really affecting me. Because in the beginning I was getting my feet wet and thinking about what I wanted to do before I dive into the old school stuff. Even when I started, social media was there, but it still wasn’t as prevalent as it is today, with content creation or whatever. You were advanced when you had Periscope, the first version of live video on Twitter. If you really mastered that (social media) back then, you were already light years above the rest.” said Levi.

Levi mentioned Colt Cabana as someone with a major online following when Shapiro was just starting out in the business in 2009.

“There are a few people who really dove into it. Colt Cabana had an online presence. I was so in love with wrestling that all I did was watch wrestling in high school, and when I practiced, I trying to figure out the art of pro wrestling, right? That’s when the big matchup started. I would say it was starting to evolve into that evolution, and it was starting to take the form that he had with the different businesses compared to the time, right? Because the old company is not dead, it is weak compared to what it was. That was the thing who ruled the world. You made money everywhere because of this specific set of rules in this specific business. I would say right now this is my biggest fork in the road. In the last two years , I sat down and said, “I have to score Levi Shapiro.” I have to explain what I have that is timeless and how I can raise these old wrestlers, like The Destroyer, Terry Funk, Dory Funk, Dory Funk. Sr?” Shapiro said.

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