Fans dub Saturday the best day in College Football Playoff history

Fans dub Saturday the best day in College Football Playoff history

After the TCU-Michigan and Ohio State-Georgia contests ended on Saturday night, college football fans on social media called it the best day in college football playoff history.

“BEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEMI-FINALS EVER!!!” tweeted former Washington NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III, one of many on Twitter to make the statement.

Both semi-final clashes were high-scoring affairs that went to the very end. That’s a rarity for college football playoff semifinals.

In 2014, the NCAA instituted the College Football Playoff – a four-team tournament to decide the national champion – and most assumed it would be much better than the previous BCS system which partially used a computer to decide who would play in a game. single title game. .

Well, for the first eight years of the new system, it didn’t go the way most thought. Before Saturday, only three of the 16 semi-final clashes between 2014 and 2021 have been decided by a score. That makes Georgia’s 42-41 victory over Ohio State and TCU’s upset 51-45 victory over Michigan abnormal for college football playoffs.

“This was the best college football playoff semi-final the committee could have imagined,” Fox broadcaster John Fanta tweeted. “Epic would be an understatement. What a massive day for the sport. Who wouldn’t want an expansion after watching these two classics! Exceptional.”

TCU will face Georgia in the championship on January 9.

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