How to Install the Amazon Appstore on an Android Phone

How to Install the Amazon Appstore on an Android Phone

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Visit the Amazon Appstore download page, download the APK file and open it. Grant “install unknown apps” permission if prompted. Finally, tap “Install” to install the Amazon Appstore.

Android devices almost exclusively come with the Google Play Store for downloading apps and games. However, if you want to use Android without a Google account, there are alternatives. A popular option is the Amazon Appstore.

The Amazon Appstore is the app store available on Amazon Fire tablets, Fire TVs, and Windows 11. It’s much smaller than the Play Store, but it’s easily the next best choice. We will show you how to install it on any Android device.

We are going to load the Amazon Appstore. To get started, open a web browser such as Google Chrome on your Android device and head to the Amazon Appstore download page.

Next, tap on the “Get Amazon Appstore” button.

The APK file will start downloading after a few seconds. Once done, open the file from notifications.

You may be asked to grant the browser permission to “install unknown apps” before you can install it. You will be redirected to settings to enable the option.

Now just tap “Install” on the pop-up or select the file again from the notifications if it doesn’t come back.

Press “Open” when done, and you can start using the Amazon Appstore!

It’s not easy to use an Android phone without a Google account – and maybe Amazon isn’t much better in your eyes – but at least there are alternatives. F-Droid is another app store worth checking out.

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