What does Jun Chung do? Lydia Ko’s newly wed husband’s profession explored

What does Jun Chung do? Lydia Ko’s newly wed husband’s profession explored

New Zealand golfer Lydia Ko has not only had a phenomenal year on the golf course, but also off it.

Ko swept all titles in 2022 and won the prestigious LPGA Player of the Year award. She has just two points left of the 27 points needed to enter the Hall of Fame. In 2022, Ko also reached world number one. 1 spot for the first time in five years.

Apart from his professional achievements, Ko has also taken a huge personal step. On December 30, she married her longtime boyfriend, Jun Chung, at Myeongdong Cathedral in Seoul, South Korea, in a beautiful ceremony.

Jun Chung has been an Open Innovation Associate for Hyundai Cradle since February 2022. Prior to starting work there, he completed an internship in UX design, business strategy and development, application development, and data science. He had also worked part-time in research analysis. Previously, he was a sergeant in the Republic of Korea Air Force.

Chung also served as FREAD’s volunteer coordinator for a year, where he helped collect books and send them to developing countries for children’s education. He graduated from Claremont McKenna College with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. It also obtained a UX certificate from Nielson Norman Group in 2019.

According to The Korean Herald, Chung is apparently the youngest son of Hyundai Card Vice President Chung Tae-young.

Did Lydia Ko Propose to Jun Chung? Lydia Ko and her husband Jun Chung at the CME Group Tour Championship – Final Round (Image via Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

It’s unclear how Lydia Ko and Jun Chung first met, but Ko revealed in a press conference after winning the CME Group Tour Championship that she met him in 2021.

She said:

“I first met him (Jun Chung). … it was just before my victory in Hawaii.”

Various sources have suggested that the two lovebirds had been dating for two years before getting married. However, contrary to stereotypes, it was Lydia Ko who first proposed to Jun Chung, and in a very special, “golf-like” way.

She talked about it on the Henni & Hally podcast: Women with Game.

“I was like why does the guy have to propose. I made it very golfy. I wrote on golf balls, ‘will you marry me’?”

However, that didn’t deter Jun Chung from proposing her again. He surprised her with his proposal during their engagement photo shoot. She said:

“That was really cool. I didn’t expect it. He was talking about numbers, how long we’ve known each other, and things like that. For a second I thought, ‘why are you throwing numbers? to me?’ and then I realized what was happening.”

Jun Chung was on the sidelines cheering on Ko as she won her season-ending title. After the big win, she opened up about how it changed her life and her golf.

“After meeting him, I feel like he’s introspective in life and my golf.”

Certainly, they seem to be a couple made for each other.

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