When could the final episodes arrive?

When could the final episodes arrive?

Season 2 of Young Royals wasn’t released until November 2022, but fans of the Swedish teen romance, set at the fictional elite boarding school Hillerska, are already looking ahead and wondering when the season 3 of Young Royals could return to Netflix. So will there be a season 3 of Young Royals? And if so, when could it come out? Check out this and more below!

About Young Royals

To recap, Young Royals follows Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) as he enrolls and adjusts to life at the prestigious Hillerska boarding school. However, when he connects with a classmate, the young prince is forced to choose between duty and love. The official synopsis, via Netflix’s Media Center, reads:

“When Prince Wilhelm arrives at the prestigious Hillerska boarding school, he finally has the opportunity to explore his true self and find out what kind of life he really wants. Wilhelm begins to dream of a future filled with freedom and unconditional love. away from royal obligations – but when he unexpectedly becomes next in line to the throne, his dilemma is heightened as he must make a choice: love or duty.

Is Young Royals Season 3 green lit?

Fans of the Swedish teen drama will be delighted to hear that Netflix has confirmed that it has renewed the show for a third season on December 14, 2022. Taking to Twitter, Netflix shared a photo of Prince Wilhelm and Simon holding hands, with the caption: “Simon + Wilhelm forever? The Young Royals will return for a third and final season.

Young Royals Season 3 Release Date

In early January, Young Royals Season 3 doesn’t have a confirmed release date, but given that it was only recently renewed, fans shouldn’t worry. Young Royals season one was released in July 2021, followed by season two on November 1, 2022. So with that in mind, we hope to see season three by the end of 2023, or soon after.

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